Privacy policy :


We at Pride Alliance Matrimonial make as much effort as possible to ensure that only real and genuine individual profiles are uploaded, who will not be abusing our services.


Pride Alliance Matrimonial will never share/reveal/ your personal details with other members nor will we ever upload it on our website.


On the Pride Alliance Matrimonial website, you are known exclusively by a neutral ID number. Your name, your email address, your phone number and your home address are concealed and protected by the website's secure infrastructure.


Initially, members can only communicate through Pride Alliance Matrimonial anonymous contact and messaging system.


At all points, it is for you to decide whether to share your email address, phone number with the other member.


Likewise, it is your choice whether you wish to upload a photograph of yourself on your profile.


The payment system is safe, secure and reliable.


Your identity will be kept private, you will be known by your neutral ID/codename.


We DO NOT sell/share your data with anyone.


You may wish to set up an email account exclusively for activities connected to your search for a partner on Pride Alliance Matrimonial.


If anything makes you feel uncomfortable about another member then stop contacting them immediately. You can delete their profile instantly and REPORT them to Pride Alliance Matrimonial at (email address)




If you suspect anyone on this service of being an imposter, then report them to us immediately at (email address)