Safety tips :


Tips to remember -



We sincerely hope you will find your match at Pride Alliance Matrimonial and decide to meet them face to face, but at all times the choice is yours.


Here we have some tips which according to us should be followed by you when meeting another member.


1. Meet at a busy public place, which is well known to you.


2. Do not have your first meeting at another member's residences or at any hotel.


3. Do not share your home/office address.


4. Don't let other members pick you up from your home.


5. Don't let other members make travel arrangements for you.


6. Keep a trustworthy relative or friend informed and on-call.


7. Keep your relative or friend informed about where you are going and what time you are expected back home.


8. Supply your relative or friend with the details of the person you are going to meet.


9. Do keep your relative/friend informed that all is OK by calling them, please remember to CALL them and not text them.


10. Take a mobile phone with you. Make sure it's fully charged.


11. Don't accept a lift back home if you don't feel comfortable with the other person.


12. Always have a contingency plan in place. If something doesn't feel right, leave immediately.


13. It can take time to get to know someone properly. If a person is truly interested in you, they won't mind if you want to take your time to develop a relationship.


14. Keep the Location Tracker of your mobile phone ON at all times when meeting another member.


15. Always use your common sense, keep in control and don't be forced into doing something against your wish.