Signs of Scammers :


1. Photos that look 'professionally shot' and where the person (male or female) is of model quality.


2. Emails informing you of some lottery or lucky draw you have won.


3. Emails that do not address your questions but convey an ever-increasing attraction to you.


4. Poor grammar and spelling mistakes.


5. Use web speak or text abbreviations such as pls, u, ur, etc


6. Try to get you onto an instant messenger service quickly.


7. Try to get personal details such as information about your family, job, bank details etc.


8. Asking you to deposit money on their behalf into the bank.


9. It is possible that an individual may email you with offers of employment. These fraudsters are using Pride Alliance Matrimonial to obtain money or personal details from you.


10. Pride Alliance Matrimonial will never contact you from webmail addresses such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, Gmx, etc.


11. We will never request your bank account or credit card details.


12. Any contact from Pride Alliance Matrimonial will always be made via an email address ending (this will be added once web address has been obtained and registered)